Panorama tour

Panorama tour in a future building

Sometimes the versions for Android and iPhone phones require too much power – it depends on the size of the model and the number of the equipment – so it is not always possible to launch the tour in all phone-types. In order not to disadvantage these phone-owners and to display the model in a website, we designed the VR / 360 ° panorama tour to rotate the object between 360 ° images. The Panorama tour can be uploaded to a website so You can enjoy it on a desktop, a laptop or a phone. Moreover, if the VR helmet (google cardboard or similar) is available to the phone, the experience is almost the same with the freely accessible model.


    • Daily version

    • Nightly version

Panorama tour in an existing building

Introduce your apartment, office or property for sale or rent through a panoramic tour. Allow interested people to visit the property virtually.