VR model

Freely accessible model – VR model

Free tour in the building model (office, apartment, etc.) early from the design period. Perfectly useable for construction, interior design and sales promotion. In the virtual space, both the buildings and interior equipment are elaborated/designed to be life-size, precisely, so the space, the room size and the convenience can be verified, too. The daylight or night lighting of the interiors makes the rooms more realistic.

In the interactive version, it is possible to modify the coverings, the colors of the furniture and walls.

The freely accessible model is available on Windows 64-bit and Mac systems, too. You can either use a keyboard and a mouse or a controller connected to a computer (e.g.: XBox One Controller). A regular and interactive menu system helps You navigate.

With the available versions of Android and iPhone phones, You can tour the building using a virtual joysticks with Your fingers, or You can also use a controller (specifically designed bluetooth controllers for phones).

Android and iPhone versions are going to be uploaded to the Android Market and the App Store.


  • Win 64-bit

    (Downloading and unpacking (zip) starts by clicking the DemoPC icon)

  • Android

    (Tested: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge / Android 7.0. , Huawei 9 Lite / Android 6.0 , Samsung Galaxy S5 / Android 6.0.1 , Le Eco LePro3 / Android 6.0.1 ) – We recommend to maximize the brightness of the phone display, Screen Resolution: HD (1280×720) max. FHD (1920×1080)

  • Mac – coming soon
  • iPhone – coming soon